Mobile Dispatch changes the game for Car & Limo service companies in the app world

Introducing Mobile Dispatch
Mobile Dispatch is the world’s first app that provides a complete software solution for your car service company. All the components, including the App, the operating system, the instant notifications and the company logo are designed by one company, and they’re all designed to work together seamlessly—creating an easier and more intuitive experience for your customers.

Take ownership of the App world
Mobile Dispatch App package provides your company with a powerful, easy-to-use, application that has not only your company name and logo, but actually orders and books car service instantly

Apple and Android technologies
Your mobile dispatch App is the world’s most advanced mobile platform, redefining what can be done when ordering a car service. Apple and Android platforms are the ultimate source for mobile apps, making your company at the reach of millions of users

Enhance customer experience and service
Customers can benefit from being able to access your company service with great ease. Contacting your company by phone can result in misunderstanding. But with your mobile app you have a feature where customers can request a car service with the push of a button

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